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Monday, August 25, 2014

Super Secondary Labor Day Blog Hop - Back to School Ideas and More!

Looking for some no-prep ideas to help get you through the first few weeks of school??  Tammy from Teaching FSL is hosting a Blog Hop and Linky for easy-peasy resources to get your year off on the right foot!

I like to spend the first part of the year spending time getting to know my students - I think the value in the time spent making connections is so worth it by the end of the year.  Learning about each other is a great way to break down some of the barriers that exist between teachers and students and students and their peers.  Nothing like finding some common ground to set the stage for a good year!

One fun activity I like to do on the first day is to give each student a sticky note.  I ask them to write 1 question they have about the class, list 1 thing they'd like to learn and write 1 question they have for me.  It's all done anonymously and so they ask some really interesting things.  I ask them to stick them on the board and I spend time answering the questions and talking about our upcoming year.

Here is a fun and engaging resource for BTS in my TpT Store.  Targeted to Middle School / Junior High students these easy to use templates and activities will not only allow you to learn about your students' personalities but to also assess their skills at the start of the year!

I hope you have a fabulous year with your students!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to School Sale - Aug. 4-5th - Secondary Sellers!

TpT Back to School Site Wide Sale 

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August 4th and 5th, 2014  

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Be sure to check out the list of FABULOUS middle / high school sellers who are participating in the SALE! 

Special thanks to Danielle Knight for her creativity in coming up with the idea and generating our wonderful graphic!  Be sure to check out her store and all the others listed below for some amazing resources!

Here is my favorite Back to School product that I have created.  A fun bundle of 12 activities for your tweens and teens - a great way to get started on something right away, get to know your students AND get a good look at their strengths and weaknesses!

Happy Back to School!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Educents - Back To School Sale for Grades 6-8


 I am so excited to announce that Educents.com is having a HUGE back-to-school blowout sale and I am going to be featured in one of the curriculum bundles! From July 30 - August 2 (Wednesday - Saturday), they are bringing back all of their favorite and most popular bundles for INSTANT download at up to 77% OFF! There is something for everyone and it is their BIGGEST sale of the year!

Complete Full-Year Curriculum Bundle (Grades 6-8) - 77% OFF

This bundle is packed with resources to help you get through the school year - over $100 worth of Middle School products.  
Included is my Writing Pack - 5 lessons on Narrative, Persuasive, Descriptive and Creative Writing - includes templates, graphic organizers, example paragraphs and more!!

Management, Decor & Organization Bundle - 76% OFF


Don't Miss It!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Who or What Am I Review Game With Sticky Notes

My students and I had a lot of fun with a review game this year - in fact, they often asked if we could play!  I used it successfully with grade 8-12 students, but I think you could easily play this activity with kids as young as 7 or 8.

In the subjects I teach there is often a lot of vocabulary that students need to learn in order to understand the larger concepts.  So when it comes time to do our unit review, I write down vocabulary words on a sticky note and stick a note to each student's back.  Then, either as a small group sitting together, or a large class working together, they must ask each other questions to determine what word they have stuck to their back.  It's the same idea as the game Headbanz, but without the fancy headband!   Students can only ask questions that can be answered with a "yes" or "no".  

This game can be modified for several different subjects - students could try to guess important events in a Social Studies, famous people, an element on the periodic table, characters in a novel, a number...  

I was blown away by how much my students loved this game!  They began to challenge each other to get the word in 5 questions or less, they wanted me to play with them and took great joy in trying to stump me, and they eventually played all on their own.  I gave out several sticky note pads and they would decide on words for each other!  

Super easy, super fun and super effective!!



Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of Year - Survival Tip

Are you counting down the days until summer vacation? or are you already basking in the glory days of summer?   I'm still counting down... it feels like it's going to take forever for June 27th to get here!!

If your students are anything like mine they are having a hard time focusing on school work when summer vacation is just around the corner.  Good weather here is making this more and more of a challenge as classrooms heat up (no A/C) and the lure of the great outdoors beckons!

Here is what I do to to that help keep me and my students going the last few weeks of the school year...

Review Games:  My students are required to write final exams in all subjects and so we spend quite a bit of time playing games to review for their tests. 

Here are a few of my favourites.

Draw It! - have students pick a vocabulary term from a hat and draw it on the board, while others guess the term.  I also use small whiteboards to allow play with smaller teams.

Question Challenge - divide your class into two teams.  Give each team 20-30 minutes to create 30 short answer questions.  Teams / players take turns asking the other team a question.

What Am I? - write key vocabulary words on sticky notes and stick one on each student's back.  Students must figure out what they are by asking others in the class questions that can only be answered with yes or no.  I've been playing this game all week and my students have totally jumped on board.  They put themselves into groups, I gave them a sticky note pad and they've been having a ball coming up with the words to review and put on each other's backs.  They've even been trying to stump me with vocabulary words... and challenge me to get the word in 6 questions or less!  So much fun!

There are also lots of free templates available on-line for games like Jeopardy, I Have-Who Has, Dominoes...  why not put a little fun into review!

Thanks for joining our end of the school year blog hop today. We had a great turn out of hoppers. The prize pack part of the hop is now closed. Stay tuned for blog excitement in mid July.  
Please keep hoping along to read our tried, tested and true survival tips.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Sale - You Rock!!

It's time for another great site wide sale at Teachers Pay Teachers - this time to celebrate Teacher Appreciated Week!  Check out this list of SUPER SECONDARY teachers for some of their awesome products 
ON SALE May 6-7th!  Many of these fabulous teachers sell materials for grades 5 and up - so if you're a Middle School teacher you're sure to find something too! 

Happy Shopping!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Plate Tectonic Play Dough

One of my favourite units to teach is Plate Tectonics - it's a great unit to hook kids and get them excited about geology and earth sciences.  It does not seem to matter if my students are 10 or 20 years old, videos and stories about erupting volcanoes and earthquakes never fail to impress.

One of the ways I like to wrap up this unit is with an assessment using Play Dough.... and again, whether my students are 10 or 20 years old, they get excited about the chance to play with Play Dough.  There's just something about the smell and feel that takes everyone back to their childhood.

This activity takes about 60-90 minutes and can be done with just a few simple and inexpensive supplies.
                  -  paper / styrofoam plates (from our school cafeteria)
                  -  plastic knives for "carving" the playdough (also from the cafeteria)
                  -  a "can" of play dough for each student 
                  -  plain white or lined paper

I hand out a "can" of Play Dough to each student and then ask them to form groups of 2-3.  I leave the rest of the supplies on my lab table at the front of the room and let students gather what they need throughout the lesson.

I ask students to do the following:

Plate Boundaries
- You must demonstrate your understanding of the three types of plate boundaries (converging, diverging and sliding).
- You must include all features associated with each boundary - trench, volcano, ridge...

- You must demonstrate your understanding of the three types of volcanoes (cinder cone, strata, shield)

- You must demonstrate your understanding of the three types of faults we studied in class (normal, reverse, transform)

They may use any of the supplies I have in the classroom or their school bags (I've had some creative ideas used before!).  My students often add little flags or signs, they add writing to the plate or paper that their Play Dough is displayed on or they carve symbols or words into the Play Dough.

I also wander around the classroom and ask each student in the group to orally explain one aspect of their Play Dough creations.  I give students a mark as I go through the room based on the level of detail that they have included and their ability to explain what's going on.

Have fun! I hope you and your students have as much fun with 
Play Dough as we do!

Enjoy! Addie

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